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First look at Valve’s “console”


It was only yesterday that we heard about Valve’s Linux box coming sometime this year, but it’s today that the world will gets it first official look at CES. However, the boys at Engadget managed to get an early peek at the system, known as “Piston.” Manufactured by Xi3 and …

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Linux Steam Box coming this year

Steam box

We might already have heard from Nvidia about its new Shield console and we certainly know that the Ouya is up and running, but Valve has been relatively quiet about its own console offerings. Now though, according to an engineer at the company, we know it’ll run Linux and that it’ll …

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Game Guides debut on Steam


Valve has launched a new feature on its digital distribution platform, allowing those that participate in the beta to begin making and using guides for games. The idea being that when you get stuck, you can pull up the guide within Steam itself instead of having to Google for it. …

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League of Legends coming to Steam?


League of Legends has been making a lot of journalistic waves in the past few days, with the biggest focus on the removal and crack down on trolls. However the big rumour today is that the world’s most popular game could be coming to Steam. The hints come from entries …

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Valve economist talks Steam machines and other hardware

Valve Economist

Valve’s ‘economist in residence’ Yanis Varoufakis, has opened up in a blog post translated by Neogaf user alexanderos, that gives us a little more information on Valve’s hardware developments, including the reasoning behind them. “At the time period between March till June I went back to Valve and we begun …

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Steam Guard required in future for trading

Steam Guard

Starting in mid December, anyone wanting to take part in trading items on Valve’s Steam, will need to have Steam Guard activated. This currently optional layer of protection is being implemented, presumably to prevent hackers taking advantage of the system. This news was spotted by a Redditor, with other commenters …

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Gabe Newell clarifies class action clause

Jurassic Park

Head at Valve, Gabe Newell, has expanded on the initial official statement regarding the company’s Terms of Service that forced players to agree that they could not take out a class action lawsuit against Valve; apparently it’s because lawyers suck. This all came out as part of a 4Chan visit …

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Valve creates Greenlight concept section


Perhaps to counter the fact that many of the first 10 games that the Steam community gave the ‘Greenlight’ to were unfinished, Valve has implemented a split in the way games are shown on the crowd voting platform. Now titles that are finished will have their own sections, while unfinished …

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Valve is entering hardware market

Gabe Newell

While it’s been rumoured, hinted at and teased for a long time, we now have confirmation that Valve is set to enter the hardware market. Granted, it’s not from an official announcement, but a job posting on the Valve website looking for someone to develop hardware. The available position is …

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Half Life 3 could be debuted at Gamescom

Half Life 3

Update: Since writing this story, Eurogamer is saying that the Half Life 3 rumour is “a mistake,” according to the organisers of Gamescom. The hotly anticipated sequel to 2004’s Half Life 2 and its ensuing episodes, could appear for the first time at Gamescom, according to a PDF from the …

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Valve tweaks T&Cs to protect against lawsuits

Steam Subscriber Agreement

Valve has updated the Steam terms and conditions, in order to help protect itself from potential lawsuits from its customer base, specifically the class action kind. “It’s clear to us that in some situations, class actions have real benefits to customers. In far too many cases however, class actions don’t …

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Valve’s ‘Steam Box’ could be on the horizon after all

Back in early March rumours arose that Valve were working on a ‘Steam Box’ gaming console to outclass the proprietary formats used currently by the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. These rumours were sadly shutdown a week later by Valve’s Doug Lombardi, but the embers kept glowing regardless. Recently …

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Valve to develop games for Wii U?

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell spoke to Joystiq at the 2011 Games For Change Festival and was happy to give his views on the upcoming Nintendo Wii U console. He said that the new Wii U console “sort of fits better into the scalability in terms of graphics performance and CPU …

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More Portal 2 content due in summer

Portal 2 has been a huge success for gaming aficionados Valve, sales have been high thanks to both critical and public approval of the puzzle based 3D mind melter. Doug Lombardi, Valve’s Vice President of marketing says that the studio are already working on new downloadable content which is due …

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Is Portal 2 the best game, ever ?

Portal 2 has caused quite a stir since it was released, with critics claiming it is one of the best PC games this year. Metacritic, which averages all the scores of many sites online, has it showing as a 95% rated game. Gaming sites such as Destructoid have given it …

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Valve come under flak for Portal 2 DLC charges

Portal 2 has already been warmly received, with initial reviews highlighting fantastic game play with a stellar updated engine. Sadly, the user community haven’t been too enamored with all of the downloadable content available which totals extra charges of over $80. Gamers generally love downloadable addon’s for their games because …

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Valve releasing free game today

Valve are releasing Alien Swarm later for free – with the full source code as a bonus. This is an updated version of the old Unreal Tournament mod. Alien Swarm has been recoded into the famous Source Engine and is set to look rather attractive if the videos are anything …

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Stop the Press: Mac users do game!

Last week I reviewed the Steam client for Apple computers and once it went live I immediately received a few emails from irritate PC users, with one even asking me why I was ‘catering to a non functional user base’. I think he meant non existent, rather than dead, but, …

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