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Toshiba may be set to spin off chip business

Toshiba may be planning to spin off its chip manufacturing business into its own entity. Rumours suggest that the move may also see Toshiba sell off a 20 per cent stake in the newly independent venture, which would generate around 200 billion yen (£1.4 billion). Toshiba has its fingers in …

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TPCast partners with Lattice for wireless VR roll out

TPCast, the company behind the recently debuted wireless upgrade kit for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, has announced a partnership with Lattice Semiconductors for a number of the solution’s internal components. Lattice provides the HDMI bridge which makes it possible to wirelessly transmit data that would traditionally require a wired …

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MegaUpload 2.0 hit a Canadian stock exchange roadblock

The reason that the launch of Kim Dotcom’s MegaUpload 2.0 did not occur on the planned 20th January launch date, was because of a Canadian stock exchange. Although MegaUpload 2.0 was set to perform a reverse takeover of a Canadian firm in order to become publicly listed and increase its …

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EGX Rezzed game line up expands to 150 titles


EGX Rezzed always showcases a lot of games and this year’s event will be no different. The list of big name games and indie titles has now reached 150 and that’s even before some of the truly experimental Leftfield Connection games are finalised. EGX Rezzed event is traditionally a smaller, more …

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Tough Mudder partners with Sky Sports for event coverage


Obstacle course marathon event runner, Tough Mudder, has signed a deal with Sky Sports to showcase its events on digital on-demand and linear TV platforms starting in 2017. The partnership will see a show created around the World’s Toughest Mudder 2016 race event, as well as a series focusing on …

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Nintendo Switch interface leaked in deleted Tweet


One aspect of the Nintendo Switch we were disappointed not to see in our recent hands-on coverage, was the interface. How the menus look and feel when you’re not playing games can be almost as important as when you are, so it’s exciting to get a sneak peak at them, …

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Kim Dotcom to launch MegaUpload 2.0 in hours?

Consistently legally embattled entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, has pledged to make a big announcement in just a few hours time. As he has consistently done since his original arrest in 2012, on its annual anniversary – 20th January – he plans to make a big announcement and this time around, it’s related …

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ASUS debuts ZenBook UX430 and UX530 slimline laptops


ASUS has debuted a new pair of laptops with ultra-thin bezels, with large displays and powerful internal hardware. The Zenbooks come packing i7 processors, half terabyte SSDs and as little additional plastic as possible, making them ultra-portable, but with the performance to make them functional too. The ZenBook UX430 has …

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A decade on, the Kings of Kong are very different


Somehow nearly a decade has passed since the original release of celebrated, retro-gaming documentary, The King of Kong and the landscape of top-tier Donkey Kong gamers is very different today. Not only has the world record been raised to monumental heights since then, but the two champions of the film, …

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Panasonic wants to partner with Tesla on more than batteries


Panasonic has announced its intention to expand its current partnership with electric car marker Tesla, beyond the battery manufacturing deal the two currently have together. CEO at the company, Kazuhiro Tsuga said in an interview that he would like to see the company expand into autonomous driving sensors that could …

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VR locomotion solved? The CAOTS system

One virtual reality developer claims to have solved some of the major problems with getting around in virtual reality beyond room scale. Called the CAOTS system, it utilises head bob tracking and arm motion to calculate your pace and lets you move around large, virtual environments while bobbing, walking and …

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Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence


With just a few days left in his presidency, Barack Obama has continued his trend of pardoning and communing the sentences of more U.S. prisoners than the last 12 Presidents combined. This time though the prisoner is a little more high profile: Chelsea Manning, the whistleblower who released secretive documents …

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