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One operating system to rule them all?

For years, everyone who tried Windows on a phone would complain that Microsoft were idiots – and that you could not move a clunky/chunky Windows OS onto a handset. Now Microsoft, ever popular chaps that they seem to be, are getting battered for putting the mobile interface onto a desktop. …

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2013 breaks iOS 6 Do Not Disturb mode

New Years, the night where many of us drink ourselves into a start where we really do not wish to be woken too early the following morning by various notification spam. Fortunately (or perhaps not) a bug has arose in iOS 6 where the recently introduced Do Not Disturb mode …

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HTC HD2 seen running Windows RT

I was surprised in late November to see the HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 8. Afterall, the Windows Mobile 6.5 device was released only a few months before the launch of Windows Phone 7 in March 2010. The HD2 has a massive developer community behind it and has also had …

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UK mobile networks stretched by Happy New Year

As Big Ben struck midnight and 2013 began, a huge wave of personal messages swept through the UK’s mobile networks. And yet, the networks survived. That’s some serious infrastructure. KitGuru pulls out the TallyMan Pro and does some counting. We’ve all had issues with mobile networks. The most common happens …

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Pirate app store Hackulous shut down


Hackulous, a name that should resonate with owners of jail broken iPhones for its links with cracked apps, has officially closed its doors, presumably for good, with little official word as to why. As of yesterday, Hackulous went down meaning community news and updates would never be heard from again …

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Apple may release iOS iWatch

There have been rumors now for months that Apple may be releasing an iOS based watch, called the ‘iWatch’. The news is failing to subside and TGBus, a Chinese Tech website are still claiming that Apple are planning to release a 1 – 1.5 inch OLED screen watch, The reports …

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Microsoft is developing smart walls with tactile feedback

Smart Wall

Touch screens are something that in near 2013 we’re pretty used to as a technology and through smartphones we’re beginning to take tentative steps into controlling our home, be it through remote access to our PC or through environmental controls. Microsoft however, wants to put that interaction on your wall. …

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Are the Boxing Day sales real?

We all love a bargain, but scouring the high street technology stores on the day after Xmas did not seem to generate any serious surprises. KitGuru is sent some snaps and breaks out ‘Analysis 101’ to see just how well the shoppers are doing today. Will records be set? While …

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Samsung to demo flexible display technology at CES

With the Consumer Electronics Show just over two weeks away we are starting to get a better idea of what will be teased, demonstrated and unveiled at the convention. The latest reports suggests that Samsung’s display division will show off a pair of flexible displays that could one day change …

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Luxa2 launches new range of Apple accessories

Luxa2 is the ‘executive goodies’ division of Thermaltake. While the core company brand deals with chassis etc and Tt eSports handles the pro-gamers kit, Luxa2 focuses on all things Apple. KitGuru checks the latest offers to see if they are really golden and delicious. Hot on the heels of its …

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HTC to offer 7inch & 12inch Windows RT tablets

Slashgear have spoken to some unnamed sources who say that HTC are planning on releasing a 7 inch and a 12 inch tablet running Windows RT. This will offer a challenge to the Surface Microsoft tablet. The sources say that the tablets will also operate as a smartphone, allowing the …

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RIM shares drop 9% after company call

Research In Motion CEO Thorsten Heins has shocked investors yesterday after he said that RIM planned to make major changes in its highly profitable services  business. Forbes said he brought this up on the company post earnings conference call. This caused company shares to drop 9%. Forbes published “As the …

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Dell exec warned Microsoft over ‘confusing’ RT branding

An executive at Dell warned Microsoft that their planned ‘RT’ branding for the tablet operating system would confuse consumers, especially as it doesn’t run traditional Windows applications. Jefferey Clarke, vice chairman at Dell and the president of its PC business said at the Dell World conference last week that he …

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Infographic: Android’s rise to fame

These days Apple’s iPhones are not the pinncale of the smartphone world; and mainstream media outlets now refer to smartphones as smartphones instead of iPhones. Android is currently the most popular smartphone operating system across the world and could quite easily take the tablet throne in 2013. The infographic below …

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NVIDIA Tegra 4 details leak out

Currently, NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 mobile chipset is the oldest of the bunch when compared to the equivalent offerings from Samsung’s Exynos team and Qualcomm and is the most in need of a refresh so it is no surprise that details over Tegra 4 “Wayne” have been leaked online. The Tegra …

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