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Apple chalk up 40 billion app downloads

Apple customers have downloaded more than 40 billion applications since their App Store opened in July 2008. Half of those downloads happened in 2012. Jobs was initially reluctant to allow third party developers into the App Store. His style was always to ‘lock’ everything down, a growth problem for the …

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Qualcomm outs Snapdragon 600 and 800 SoCs

Qualcomm’s system on chip solutions today find themselves at home in literally thousands of different products and in 2013 Qualcomm are looking to further establish their position. For 2013 Qualcomm is introducing new branding for its Snapdragon range. The new family consists of the Snapdragon 800, Snapdragon 600, Snapdragon 400 …

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ASUS 10 inch tablet leaks ahead of CES

With the first CES related press conferences taking place this morning, details about other products to be shown off at the world’s largest technology conference has begun to leak. One of the victims is a 10 inch Android tablet from ASUS. The ASUS ME301T Memo Pad 10 is said to …

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5 New Apple products coming in 2013

Love them, or loathe them – few tech companies can inspire enthusiast users to debate the worth of a product in the way that Apple can. 2013 looks set to hold a list of goodies for fans of the shiny technology fruit maker. According to Analysts Gene Munster and Douglas …

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HTC CEO optimistic about the year ahead

HTC took the fast track to smartphone fame in 2010 but spent much of 2012 going nowhere. While we were relatively impressed by the One X flagship Android smartphone and its Windows Phone 8 devices are impressive, HTC went on to release many handsets for no apparent reason – an act …

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Samsung will launch multiple Tizen devices this year

Tizen is another open source mobile platform, similar to Google’s Android, that is instead maintained by a primary decision making group. As you might have guessed from the title, one half of this governing body is Samsung; the other is Intel. Other partners include Huawei, Panasonic and the United States’ …

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Leaving mobile contract without penalty: the future?


British telecoms regulator OfCom has announced its intention to push for a law change on current mobile contracts. It wants it to be possible for consumers to leave their mobile, landline or broadband provider mid-contract, if said provider raises prices at all. As it stands, consumers are only allowed to …

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One operating system to rule them all?

For years, everyone who tried Windows on a phone would complain that Microsoft were idiots – and that you could not move a clunky/chunky Windows OS onto a handset. Now Microsoft, ever popular chaps that they seem to be, are getting battered for putting the mobile interface onto a desktop. …

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2013 breaks iOS 6 Do Not Disturb mode

New Years, the night where many of us drink ourselves into a start where we really do not wish to be woken too early the following morning by various notification spam. Fortunately (or perhaps not) a bug has arose in iOS 6 where the recently introduced Do Not Disturb mode …

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HTC HD2 seen running Windows RT

I was surprised in late November to see the HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 8. Afterall, the Windows Mobile 6.5 device was released only a few months before the launch of Windows Phone 7 in March 2010. The HD2 has a massive developer community behind it and has also had …

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UK mobile networks stretched by Happy New Year

As Big Ben struck midnight and 2013 began, a huge wave of personal messages swept through the UK’s mobile networks. And yet, the networks survived. That’s some serious infrastructure. KitGuru pulls out the TallyMan Pro and does some counting. We’ve all had issues with mobile networks. The most common happens …

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Pirate app store Hackulous shut down


Hackulous, a name that should resonate with owners of jail broken iPhones for its links with cracked apps, has officially closed its doors, presumably for good, with little official word as to why. As of yesterday, Hackulous went down meaning community news and updates would never be heard from again …

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Apple may release iOS iWatch

There have been rumors now for months that Apple may be releasing an iOS based watch, called the ‘iWatch’. The news is failing to subside and TGBus, a Chinese Tech website are still claiming that Apple are planning to release a 1 – 1.5 inch OLED screen watch, The reports …

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Microsoft is developing smart walls with tactile feedback

Smart Wall

Touch screens are something that in near 2013 we’re pretty used to as a technology and through smartphones we’re beginning to take tentative steps into controlling our home, be it through remote access to our PC or through environmental controls. Microsoft however, wants to put that interaction on your wall. …

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Are the Boxing Day sales real?

We all love a bargain, but scouring the high street technology stores on the day after Xmas did not seem to generate any serious surprises. KitGuru is sent some snaps and breaks out ‘Analysis 101’ to see just how well the shoppers are doing today. Will records be set? While …

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