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Apple stores set to fall foul of Trading Standards?

Here at KitGuru, we like the idea that all advertising needs to be legal, honest and decent. It’s a cornerstone of how the world does business and it’s to be applauded. Photos sent in from a shopping centre in North London have given cause for concern with the packaging of …

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Big delay for iPhone 5 accessories

With a big launch almost upon us, stores across the planet would normally also prepare to sell a range of accessories to the lucky new owners of the iPhone 5. Checking with our Far East sources, there seems to be something of a delay. KitGuru checks the calendar for accessory …

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Apple allows remote torrenting on iOS


Apple looks to have lifted its ban on torrent applications on the iOS, having allowed Conttrol, an app that lets you manage your uTorrent software remotely with the use of your iPhone. It’s not the only one that’s shown up on the app store either, with Apple also certifying Transmission RPC a …

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Amazon gun for Apple with new Kindle Fire

Amazon placed the spotlight on four new Kindle Fire computers yesterday, including some with a larger colour screen. They are clearly now trying to sneak a few sales away from Apple just in time for end of year sales. Amazon launched the new products just before Apple get the opportunity …

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Amazon unveils three new Kindle Fire tablets

Amazon has today announced three new Kindle Fire tablets. The flagship of the series will be the Fire HD 8.9″, there is also the Fire HD 7″ and a refresh of the original Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ has a very impressive 8.9 inch 1080p IPS display in …

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Samsung: 20 million Galaxy S III sales in 100 days

Samsung have issued a statement to say that their Galaxy S III smartphone has sold more than 20 million units in just over three months. Samsung launched the popular smartphone in Europe in late May, powered by Google’s Android operating system. They managed to get the phone to the consumer …

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iPhone 5 unveiled on September 12th

It seems to have been along time coming, but Apple will finally show the iPhone 5 to press on an event held on September 12th. The company sent out invites yesterday. The invite image says ‘It’s almost here’ with a large ’12’ signifying the date. The shadow of the 12 …

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Upcoming Nokia Lumias will support wireless charging

While existing smartphones have made claims to wireless charging, including Samsung’s Galaxy S III, none of them have yet to deliver in any meaningful way. Today, images of a wireless charging pad for the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 has been leaked by @evleaks. Nothing more about the wireless charging …

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Apple goes after Samsung again in amended lawsuit

The relative peace between Apple and Samsung following trial results in California and Japan has come to an end. Over the weekend Apple has amended a previous lawsuit that targeted only the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to include “at least” 21 new devices. The Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy …

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Apple to release new style iPhone5 headphones

It has been a while since I have heard Apple headphones, but my distant memories certainly aren’t too positive. The white headphones may look cool, but when I bought my iPod many years ago I immediately ditched the suckers for a decent pair. According to Vietnamese website Tinhte it looks …

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Samsung set to pass Apple costs to customers

While the press across the globe were full of insight and analysis on Apple’s $1 Billion ruling against Samsung, we can’t remember anyone discussing who would actually be paying for the settlement. The latest info from research company, iSuppli, seems to lay it all out clearly. It’s us. There you …

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ASUS renames their Windows 8 tablets

At Computex earlier in the year ASUS unveiled the Tablet 810 and Tablet 600. These two devices were running Windows 8 and Windows RT respectively. Yesterday at IFA these tablets have reappeared, but have been renamed to the Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab RT. Both tablets will have an option …

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