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RIM to show Blackberry 10 smartphones in January

The troubled Research In Motion are betting everything on the upcoming Blackberry 10 launch. Their latest plans indicate a showcase of the first 10 smartphones on January 30th, quickly followed by sales in February. Kristian Tear, the Chief Operating Offices said in an interview “We want to do it as …

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iPad to drop below 50% market share in 2013

Apple may rule the tablet roost right now, but analyst Sameer Singh predicts that Android based tablets will out sell iPads in Q2 or Q3 2013. This year, sales of Android powered tablets have grown faster than iPad sales in six out of the last eight quarters. Android is a …

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Google and Acer debut the $199 C7 Chromebook

In October when Google announced the ARM based Samsung Series 3 Chromebook we were left wondering how cheap the cloud-based netbooks could get. Well, Acer has tried to somewhat answer that question today by announcing the C7 Chromebook that will set you back a mere $199. In order to achieve …

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Samsung is now charging Apple 20% more for processors

As strange as it sounds, the two biggest mobile players Apple and Samsung are actually very closely tied. Many of the components inside Apple’s iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices are sourced from Samsung. This is despite all of their legal battles around the world over “your device looks like …

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India launches £13 tablet for students

Aakash 2

Today the Indian President, Pranab Mukherjee, launched a new tablet aimed at students and low income families. Costing just Rs 1,130 (£13) for those still in further education. The “Aakash 2″ comes with 512MB of RAM, a 1Ghz, processor and a 7” capacitive touch screen. The little device is being manufactured by …

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Microsoft Surface is not durable

Touch Cover

The cover surrounding the touch panel of Microsoft’s Surface tablet, appears to be far from durable, as users are reporting that within mere days of receiving their version, it began to split and come away from the frame. The problem is being experienced by multiple users, each of them reporting …

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Are smartphones the consoles of the future?

Green Throttle

If you thought the Ouya was a cool little console concept, or that Microsoft’s Smartglass technology was involving smartphones more than ever before, then how about combining the two? That’s what Guitar Hero co-creator Charles Huang and electronics executive Matt Crowley, are hoping to do with the Green Throttle game …

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Microsoft Office coming to iOS, Android early 2013

Microsoft Office for mobile devices other than its own has long been rumoured and The Verge has now heard from sources that it will be making its way to iOS and Android in early 2013. “Office Mobile” as it is being touted will allow iOS and Android users to view …

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Apple sell 3 million iPads in 3 days

The haters may continue to hate, but Apple keep selling millions of  tablets. They issued a press release yesterday which claims they sold over 3 million iPads in 3 days. The 3 million figure includes the iPad Mini and the latest iPad 3. They said “Apple today announced it has …

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Apple TV ads highlight iPad Mini ‘Piano’

I haven’t seen this on television locally, but it would appear that Apple are trying to target their iPad Mini tablet to the minds and hearts of musicians. They started running an advert on television in America over the weekend. This advert entitled simply ‘Piano’ shows Garageband running on the …

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Google’s latest 3G royalty demand from Apple

Apple are facing many legal challenges lately from companies such as Google and Samsung. Fosspatents published an article yesterday which is very interesting. They say “On Saturday, two days before an Apple v. Motorola Mobility may or may not commence, Apple brought a couple of motions to prevent the wholly-owned …

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Microsoft working on a smartphone


Microsoft is apparently testing a new Windows smartphone design, though it’s one that will be Microsoft branded, not one developed by one of its partners like Nokia, Samsung and HTC. It’s not clear yet if the concept will go into full production, but it’s at least in the developmental testing …

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4th Gen iPad teardown shows no design changes

The 4th generation iPad, or ‘iPad 4’ as some people are calling it has been taken apart by iFixit. They have found that apart from the Lightning connector, the tablet’s internal design has not changes at all when compared to the iPad 3. The company tore apart the latest revision …

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Android claims 75% of smartphone shipments in Q3

Android’s dominance of the smartphone does not look as if that fact will change any time soon. Three out of four devices shipped during the third quarter of 2012 ran Google’s mobile platform according to data collated by IDC. In total, 136 million Android devices were shipped during this time frame, up …

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Now your nan can charge her iPad more easily

iRock Chair

If your dear old grandma has trouble charging that “new touch gizmo thing,” and doesn’t like faffing with cables, one Zurich company, Micasa Labs, might have a pretty elegant solution. Granted it’s a little more expensive than most chargers, but it’s certainly built into an item she’ll be familiar with …

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Windows Phone 7.8 update still on the horizon

When Windows Phone 8 was first teased earlier in the year it was revealed that existing Windows Phone devices will not be updated to WP8, but instead Windows Phone 7.8. We have not heard much about the watered down Windows Phone 8 experience of late. Matter of fact, it was …

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Blackberry 10, will it be enough to rescue RIM?

Research In Motion have had a tough 24 months, their sales figures have dropped significantly and the company seems in a constant state of turmoil in regards to leadership. They are betting their future on Blackberry 10 OS which has been touted for 2013. The Blackberry 10 Operating System is …

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