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UK mobile networks stretched by Happy New Year

As Big Ben struck midnight and 2013 began, a huge wave of personal messages swept through the UK’s mobile networks. And yet, the networks survived. That’s some serious infrastructure. KitGuru pulls out the TallyMan Pro and does some counting. We’ve all had issues with mobile networks. The most common happens …

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Are the Boxing Day sales real?

We all love a bargain, but scouring the high street technology stores on the day after Xmas did not seem to generate any serious surprises. KitGuru is sent some snaps and breaks out ‘Analysis 101’ to see just how well the shoppers are doing today. Will records be set? While …

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UK and US walk out on new UN telecoms treaty

Net Freedom

The British and United States governments have refused to sign a new UN treaty that they believed would give governments too much control over the internet. While this sounds like a very liberal stance to take, ultimately they want more of a open governing structure, where free enterprise also has …

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Nintendo partners with HMV for Wii U UK launch

WiiU Launch

Nintendo has announced that when its new console, the Wii U, launches in the UK, it will be at a partnered HMV store on London’s Oxford Street. It will officially begin at 12am, but doors will actually open an hour before, with the first 100 people awarded a free game. …

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AMD brings new focus to UK processor strategy

How many distributors a manufacturer needs for a product is a very personal thing. It’s a decision that will be based on a number of factors – including price range, volume and the speed at which new lines are introduced. KitGuru considers AMD’s new move to focus CPU and APU …

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Can Tweet sentence cause a jail sentence?

In one of the most bizarre stories of recent times, a British teenager has been arrested for a tweet in which no one swore, threatened, made racial or sexual statements. KitGuru considers how free a country can be when you’re not free to tweet an opinion. Right now, in the …

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Amazon opening London based R&D centre

Amazon UK

Amazon’s business expansion is looking to go multi-national, especially in the UK. Announced today, the retail giant plans to open a new R&D centre in London, with an emphasis on development of services relating to TVs, consoles, smartphones and PCs. As well as fostering other businesses in the Glasshouse Yard …

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Analysts ponder 3% drop in chip market for 2012

While everyone seems to agree that 2013 will be lucky for most, 2012 is definitely turning into a disaster zone for most of the chip producers on the planet, in one way or another. Analysts at the Carnegie Group are now saying that they think they predicted 2012 to be …

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UK £1Bn broadband shortfall solved

Using the old ‘give yourself enough rope and you can inflict a great self-hanging’ wisdom, the UK government decided that 100% of households will have high speed broadband by 2015. Now, according to the LSE (London School of Economics), there will be a shortfall of around $1Bn. KitGuru calculates that …

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HTC One series launching in the UK today

Today is the big launch day for HTC’s latest and greatest smartphones; the HTC One X and One S.  Beginning this morning you will be able to grab either the 4.7 inch, quad-core powered One X or the 4.3 inch, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 powered smartphone from a variety of UK …

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How many times should you pay for the same content?

Vince Cable’s announcement that some format shifting would be allowed, in law, by the end of this session of parliament – finally allows the corporations the chance to operate in an intelligent way. KitGuru believes that the real question is actually, “How many times should you pay for the same …

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Leak on nuclear sub, MoD gets sinking feeling

Top secret information on Britain’s nuclear forces is something that we’d all like to believe are, well, secure. Seems that some of the important controller types at the MoD have missed a few of the ‘Microsoft Word for Beginners’ course on offer – with serious results. KitGuru slips past Checkpoint …

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UK recruitment up 25% year on year

Just like graphic cards and CPUs, there are a lot of metrics for measuring the health of an economy. Arguably one of the strongest indicators is the number of jobs available. A report just out from Reed Recruitment shows that the UK is well on the way to recovery. KitGuru …

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System builders take a beating from hung parliament

While interesting for the world as a whole, the UK’s complete lack of decision when it comes to selecting a government is going to have a potentially disasterous impact on the system builder market. Already working off low margins, the currency market’s response to a hung parliament has seen a …

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